LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Bernice Garden in Little Rock has gotten a boost in positivity in the form of a park bench.

The Little Rock chapter of The Links, Incorporated, and City Director Virgil Miller did a dedication on Wednesday afternoon for a recently installed “PoSITivity Bench” in the Bernice Garden, located at the southeast corner of Daisy Bates Avenue and South Main Street.

The bench is meant to create a safe, calming, neutral space for conversations between community members, encouraging them to “dream, believe, and achieve.”

The placement of the bench is supposed to support the garden`s purpose of celebrating the community, fostering neighborliness and creating a sense of pride in the area.

The Chapter President of The Links, Annette Slater, spoke on what they hoped the bench would achieve.

“It is our hope that when a person sits on this PoSITivity bench, it will encourage youth, adults, and seniors to invite positive relationships, a signal for assistance, request a time to chat, indicate a need to self-reflect and meditate or seek a quiet time to read,” Slater said.