POTTSVILLE, Ark. – Pottsville Police said that someone’s joy ride around a local pee-wee football field left it unusable.

Tire tracks could be seen all over the field from what appeared to be someone doing donuts and some were 3-4 inches deep. 

Football season is not the only time this field is put to use either.

“This field is very active. This field is used much more than just pee-wee football, you know when we have softball and baseball stuff going on the kids will get out here and they do warm-ups out here on it,” Officer Cody Hubbard said. 

Tuesday several area businesses donated materials and time to get the field back on the right track.  Even Mayor Randy Tankersley was driving a tractor to help with the field. 

“We’re going to get some dirt laid down on the grass, get that grass growing back up to normal you know we’ve got some workers that are going to put some really good time in and that’s greatly appreciated,” Hubbard said. 

Hubbard said he was upset this was the field someone decided to have a good time in their truck on.  He said it would be different if it was an empty field but this field has a purpose.

“I was disgusted honestly you know of the fact that you know, somebody to come out here and do this do you know granted it is a field but to us and the citizens here and the people that use it, it is much more than a field,” Hubbard explained. 

City leaders are hopeful the field will be back in playing condition by the end of the summer, which will be well in advance of the upcoming football season.