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Power Outage Shuts Down Air Conditioning at Public Housing Unit

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- People living in a public housing unit in Little Rock  - without air conditioning  - after the housing authority says the building had a power outage.

Portable fans sit beside windows - at Parris Towers off of Broadway in Little Rock. "We haven't had any air in a month," says Leannell Robinson. "This heat is just ridiculous."

Robinson has been living here a little more than a year, but says the heat inside and out - has become a huge problem. "It be so hot in the building, I can't sleep, I have to sleep in my truck at night," says Robinson.

The Metropolitan Housing Alliance issued a statement, saying, "Parris Towers experienced a power outage in the building." They go on to say, "Staff and technicians have isolated the shortage and have started making necessary repairs."

"When the lights go out the next day, that's a matter of life and death for some of these people," says Nannette Reed, who lives at the towers.

The building has been plagued by problems in recent years - from running water issues to power outages. Last year - officials announced a redevelopment initiative for the towers and several others - estimated to pump $100-million-dollars in to the Little Rock economy and restore the conditions of the buildings. "I just wish they would go on and try to do something a little faster," say Reed.

While people living here say they are forced to stay and endure the heat - they have a strong message for housing officials. "Get it right, if you don't want to get it right, give everyone a voucher to move somewhere else," says Robinson.

The housing alliance says it expects the air conditioner to be turned back on in the building withing the next two and a half weeks.

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