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Pregnant Woman Survives Shooting, Hopes to Empower Others

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - "You can't be afraid of the devil because he wins."

Amber Davis has been through hell and back.

"I just saw him coming towards me just shooting," Davis said. 

At 22 weeks pregnant, Davis was running for her life outside her Fairfield Apartment in west Little Rock on Saturday, June 9. 

She remembers hearing several gun shots. One bullet went in and out of her ankle and another hit her hip. 

"Broke my small intestine in 6 different places, so you could just imagine the pain but I still had to get out of there," she said. 

She also realized her front tooth had been knocked out from a punch. 

A woman standing outside called 911 and drove Davis to Baptist Hospital. 

"I really thought my baby was dead because if you get shot in your stomach and you feel stomach pain, you're going to automatically assume that it just went straight to your baby," he said. 

Emergency surgery and 10 days in the hospital later she should make a full recovery. 

And so should baby Ava Nicole, even though the man who helped make her is the one accused of pulling the trigger. 

Davis says this is the second time her ex-boyfriend 21-year-old Cortez Handley has assaulted her. 

"I'm not in the business of giving too many chances, but I'll give you one chance," she said. 

After serving 8 months in jail, Davis took him back. 

"You feel like you can fix them, you can't," she said. 

A message she wants other domestic violence victims to understand and speak out. 

 "I just feel like we have to be stronger than that. You just have to be stronger than that. I'm going to be stronger than that," Davis said. 

And though tears land where there's normally a smile, as she heals, she hopes her story can empower someone else. 

Handley remains in the Pulaski County Jail with a 500,000 dollar bond and faces three counts of aggravated assault among other charges. 

Davis is due in October. 

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