LONOKE, Ark.—Friends and family of Hunter Brittain chanted ‘Justice for Hunter’ for the third night in a row at the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office.

Arkansas State Police say the 17-year-old was shot and killed by Lonoke County Sergeant Michael Davis on Wednesday following a traffic stop.

“That baby should be here right now,” said Mary Pruitt, Brittain’s stepmother. “I can’t understand how someone’s mind could go to something so quickly.”

Arkansas State Police have taken over the investigation at the request of the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office.

Protesters say they are frustrated that authorities have not explained why Brittain was pulled over or why the deputy felt the need to fire his weapon.

“Lack of answers– no answers–we haven’t seen any justice,” said Mary Robertson, Brittain’s aunt.

Sheriff John Staley met with protesters for the third night in a row and said all questions need to be directed towards ASP.

“I’m more transparent than any Sheriff you’re going to meet. I promise you,” said Sheriff John Staley.

Staley says he fully supports the release of the deputy’s body camera video, but that it’s going to be up to ASP to make it public.

Brittain’s family says they plan on meeting at the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. for a lantern release.