LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With the end of the year comes the eventual end of elections. The 2020 General Election has already been certified, and the December 1st Runoff is moving along. Pulaski County Election Commissioners met tonight to canvass Tuesday’s absentee ballots and process complaints from county voters. Those who had issues casting their vote and wish to issue a formal complaint will now how less than 24 hours to do so.

The Pulaski County Election Commission has moved from the 2020 General Election to the December 1st Runoff, putting to bed an election seemingly filled with issues. But one final box needs to be checked: voter complaints sent in to commissioners needing to be addressed. Many voter concerns spoke to the uniqueness of this election set during COVID-19, including one dealing with social distancing and how close poll watchers can safely be to poll workers.

A few were compiled to be sent to the state election board for investigation. One involved representative Carlton Wing. All 3 of his college-aged children requested absentee ballots and either never received them, or discovered they had been sent to the wrong place. Two others involved different counties and Pulaski residents that were unable to cast their vote due to a case of mistaken identity or confusion over transferring registrations. 

Complaints during an election are nothing unusual. Voters are encouraged to send in their concerns, but don’t actually require a board to speak on their behalf. Any voter is able to process a request with the state board up to a month after Election Day. Arkansas will have until Thursday night to share their concerns. You can send in your complaint to the Arkansas Board of Elections here