LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Neither a Pulaski County deputy nor Little Rock police will face charges after the December arrest of a Little Rock man ended with his death.

Pulaski County prosecuting attorney Larry Jegley announced Friday that charges would not be brought against the deputy or officers involved after a Friday-night fight at a movie theater in December 2021.

Terence Caffey, 30, was watching a movie at Little Rock’s Movie Tavern with a friend Dec. 10, 2021. While there, Caffey fought with an off-duty deputy providing security for the venue. The deputy at the time said Caffey attacked him and workers at the theater.

After the fight, Caffey and the deputy were checked out by a MEMS ambulance crew. Caffey was then arrested and shortly afterward fell unconscious. He was taken to Baptist Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

In the autopsy report, the coroner listed Caffey’s suspected manner of death as a homicide, noting he had an underlying medical condition.

Body camera footage of Caffey’s arrest, which his family reported included him saying “I can’t breathe” and “I’m dying” while being restrained, was turned over to the prosecutor. The prosecutor had not released the camera footage to the public.

According to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner, Caffey’s death was caused by sickle cell trait-related sickling crisis during exertion, a pre-existing condition no one was aware of.

Jegley also noted that no charges would be brought against the theater employees in the case.

This is a developing story; please check back for updates.