LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Pulaski County prosecutor said Wednesday that he misspoke after Tuesday’s statement that he was opening an investigation into Little Rock City Hall.

Sixth Judicial District of Arkansas Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley told FOX 16 News on Wednesday that his office is not investigating city hall after confirming an investigation Tuesday.

In changing his statement, Jegley said his office is looking into the situation at city hall to determine if an outside agency needs to investigate.

On Tuesday Jegley had sent a letter to Little Rock city attorney Tom Carpenter expressing serious concerns with the city’s handling of public record requests. The letter included allegations made by Little Rock Ward 4 City Director Capi Peck that accused Mayor Frank Scott Jr. of instructing Little Rock Planning and Development Director Jamie Collins not to release certain records.

The records were sought by Peck’s constituent relating to redevelopment research for or near War Memorial Park, downtown and southwest Little Rock. Aaron Sadler, a spokesman for the mayor’s office, said requested documents were provided and no instructions were given to withhold documents.

The city is currently named in a Freedom of Information Act-related lawsuit filed by blogger Matt Campbell regarding records of the planned LITFest event scheduled for October.