PULASKI COUNTY, Ark.– A family said someone shot and killed their pet pig named Pete. 

Family and neighbors said they want to know why someone would kill the beloved pot-bellied pig. 

Heather McDonald-Corso said, “We called him Pete, Pete Pete, fat Pete.”

She said she’s owned the pig for about a year. 

“(He) was not  a normal pig. He was a family member,” Heather said. 

Pete was a 120lb pot-bellied big. 

Heather said, “I let him outside and that’s how Pete became our neighborhood pet.”

His blanket sat outside her friend’s home near the woods on Kent Lane. Pete slept right by his friends, two other pigs Max and Bosley. Three chickens ran around the pigs too. 

Heather said, “I’ve never seen a complaint. I’ve never heard a complaint.”

Pete’s owner said it was not unusual for him to travel down the rural road from her friend’s house to her grandma’s house then to her home. 

Mandy Brewer said Pete walked house to house. 

She said, “He’d come say hi for a little bit then go home.”

Brewer said Pete would pass by her home. 

Her two young daughters knew Pete. 

Heather showed us down the road in front of her grandmother’s house where her family found Pete dead Thursday. 

She said, “He was laying under one of his favorite bushes.”

Her family found their pet shot once and killed, according to Heather. 

When we asked her if she knew who could have killed him she answered, “if I had to point a finger and I had a million dollars to pick the right person? No. I have no idea who did it.”

Heather said the person who killed Pete needs to know they killed her young son’s friend. 

She said, “He’s asking about Pete. I don’t know what to tell him. He’s not going to understand.”

Pulaski County deputies took a report Saturday and animal services will investigate.