LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – ‘Woo pig sooie’ was heard throughout the Hillcrest Neighborhood Saturday as the hogs took home their first win against Florida in Gainesville.

Adam Wylie was at Hill Station watching the game and said the win felt great.

“Number one, it was crazy. Number two, I’m glad we actually pulled out the ‘w’. it’s been a long time coming, so it feels really, really good.

The hogs won in overtime against the Florida Gators in Gainesville, going down in the history books as a first.

Adam Wylie said the team looked prepared.

“I think the hogs were just ready to pull out the dub, I think whenever they ran out and were ready to play,” Wylie said.

After a bye week and the firing of the offensive coordinator, there were several changes made within the last few weeks.

Jim Britton a hog fan, weighed in on how the team did.

“Actually, I think the bye week helped a lot, and although it’s painful to fire the offensive coordinator, it seemed to have worked,” Britton said.

Gavin Cunningham also shared his opinion on the status of the head coach.

“He got a big win on the road in Gainesville, we haven’t won there in a very long time, if ever, i think he’s alright if he can keep it going,” Cunningham stated.

All in all, the fans are enjoying having one more in the win column and are looking forward to next week.

“Gotta do it again, we have to do it again,” Wylie said.