NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Razorback fans are showing their support to the baseball team by buying related merchandise. Merchandisers started preparing weeks ago to adequately meet the demand.

Steve Jenkins owns Hogman’s Gameday Stores. He said “Omahogs” gear has been popular since the Hogs made it. He said preparation started well before that.

“We’ve just tried to stay in front of it,” Jenkins said.

The stores had a small number of Omaha gear preprinted, and local printers will push out championship items for an entire day if the Razorbacks win it all. Jenkins said the planning is what keeps everything running smoothly.

“We have local printers that can print, so getting blank merchandise in, we’re able to buy that ahead of time,” Jenkins said. “My friends say, ‘Don’t jinx us.’ But you have to have a plan.”