LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Sunday, we got a look inside the plane that was diverted to Little Rock following an incident in the air.

A video taken moments after the plane landed, you can see the passenger in question being escorted off the plane in restraints.

It was a normal day of travel for many, as they boarded their flights, trying to make it back home from the holidays.

Although, it wasn’t a normal flight for the passengers on flight 192.

“No, definitely, this is the first time. I have probably flown somewhere close to 100 times, but this is the first time I have encountered an emergency landing,” a passenger on the flight, Yu Ding said.

The Southwest flight boarded in Houston and was headed for Cleveland, Ohio.

“I suddenly hear some shouting from the back of the plane. I was sitting maybe 9 rows away from the back,” Ding said.

Yu Ding, who was a passenger on that flight said he say people holding a woman down and restraining her.

“From the opening I could see like a white band just like a big zip tie, I guess that was used to tie the suspects both hands,” Ding stated.

The plane landed in Little Rock just 30 minutes after the flight took off, and moments after the wheels touched the ground, Ding took this video.

“The police just boarded the plane and took her away,” Ding explained.

The woman in restraints, now sits in federal custody.

With Yu Ding back in Texas, he said he is happy the situation was handled so quickly.

“It is a big relief,” Ding said.

A plane ride he said, he will never forget.

“I think a little bit of the surprising thing to me is that people were really calm,” Ding said.

Yu Ding said he is unsure of what happened, but what he could gather, he said the woman was trying to open the emergency exit at the back of the plane.

The FBI is still actively investigating the incident, and the plane was back on its way within a couple of hours.