LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – “For Sale” signs are scattered throughout Central Arkansas. 

Each one is a reminder, that behind the sign is a realtor. 

“There’s no sale that’s worth, you know any harm, theft or death,” Carl Carter said. 

Saturday marks three years since Little Rock realtor Beverly Carter’s body was found in Cabot. 

“It’s been three years without my mom. Like I can’t even believe that,” Carl said.  

Carl Carter has made it his life’s mission to protect others from his mother’s fate. 

“Everything that we do I think is making a difference and making people a little bit more mindful.”  

And with mindfulness, comes awareness. 

Little Rock Realtors Association brought a situation to its members’ attention on Facebook

According to the post, a man going by the name Dwayne Bergman has been calling real estate offices in the area asking to be shown properties by female agents. 

The situation, a red flag for the LRRA.

“It was particularly scary for me just because, this being the anniversary of my mom being taken, and then seeing that there is a person that they know of that is targeting these women, and it’s just way too close to home,” Carl said. 

The Facebook alert is proof The Beverly Carter Foundation’s work in realtor safety, is paying off. 

“There is this spirit of collaboration and looking out for each other since my mom was taken, and it’s beautiful,” Carl said.  

Beverly’s anniversary serves as a time for reflection for Carl. 

“It’s a good check in for me. To make sure that the things that we do truly honor her.” 

And a time to remember, that while dangers lurk for lone workers, no “sold” sign, is worth their safety.

“We’re just going to keep on fighting and we’re going to do our part to make it a safer industry.”