Record-low temperatures arrive in the Natural State

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Frigid temperatures have arrived in the Natural State.

“Brrrr cold, cold, cold.” Ray Jones who lives in Stone County says “It was 52 degrees when we left home going to Conway. They were talking about the weather changing and this front coming through but we never get use to this bite that the wind brings with it.”

Sleet and snow covering homes and cars in Van Burren and Searcy County.

People like Matthew Harding were not prepared for the cold.

“It’s freezing.”

“Girl I don’t even know, I didn’t even expect it to ice.”

And in Marshall it looks like a winter wonderland. Snow blankets the town.

“A lot colder than it was this morning. The temperature was showing 27 degrees when we pulled in here. The wind is what makes it so much colder here,” says Jones.

Arkansans say it skipped fall and went straight to winter.

“I know it did. We had a little bit of cold weather up here but they say here this spell is going to be the coldest.”

“Oh yeah we might as well be in December,” says Harding.

As the temperature drops Monday night, people say they’re not looking forward to Tuesday.

“Go get in the house, that’s how we are going to stay warm,” says Jones.

“I want some chili, it’s just cold,” says Katie Cloouatre.

Mattew Harding said that he is going to “Sleep by my heater with like 14 blankets.”

It’s going to be cold tonight so make sure you’re careful on the roads and check on people, pets, plants, and pipes.

We have seen several AR Dot crews on the road, so be sure to stick with us and them for the latest on the weather conditions.

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