Recycle Saline needs volunteers for trash clean up before Hurricane Laura

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SALINE COUNTY, Ark. — A popular summer spot in Saline County is littered with trash. The county is now asking volunteers to help clean it up before several inches of rainfall on the area and the trash is washed downstream.

Trash and litter are everywhere at 10-mile creek public use area. Recycle Saline is hoping to get a group together to clean this up before the potential of flash flooding in the next few days.

Clearwater flows down the 10-mile creek in Saline County. This area is filled with families enjoying a place to cool off in the summer, but there has quickly become a problem.

“A lot of litter is left behind,” said Tiffany Dunn the Recycle Saline executive director.

Dunn says overtime more and more people have left their trash and some have been burning their trash. Both are illegal.

“If there aren’t trash cans around, save it, dispose of it whenever you can,” said Dunn.

They are working to try to clean up the trash before Hurricane Laura moves through the natural state, causing potential flash flooding.

“At 10-mile creek is a large river bed with all this rain that we’re expecting tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. They could have a great possibility of washing all of that water down into the creek, which would then go to the Saline River,” said Hunter Schelle the Environmental Enforcement Officer.

Their goal is to pick up the liter before the rain comes, so all this isn’t washed downstream causing more environmental problems.

“It’s going to run into the south fork of the river and then from there, there’s no telling how many animals it’s going to come across,” said Schelle.

The biggest message they want to send to families looking to enjoy this creek… Pick up behind you so it doesn’t look like this again.

“Hopefully this will talk everybody into bringing a trash bag down there with them or even some Walmart sacks to help them get the area clean,” said Schelle.

Recycle Saline will be out here tomorrow at 9 a.m. They are asking any volunteers that are willing to help out to join them.

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