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Report: Remains of 500 Dogs Found on Drew County Property

DREW COUNTY, Ark. -- Remains of some 500 dogs were discovered around a home in Drew County this summer, according to a report from Monticello Live.

An inspection of the property along Rose Hill Cut-Off by the Arkansas Dept. of Health in late July found an estimated 500 decomposing dog carcasses contained in 20 gallon plastic totes around the property and behind the house.

The report also included the phrase, “dog feces everywhere, inside the house, and outside.”

Drew County Sheriff's deputies were also present, that day, along with members of 2ndChanceFurDogs, who removed 43 living animals from the property.

This week, a representative of the Arkansas ADEQ was at the Drew County courthouse hoping investigate the property. However, a search warrant couldn't be obtained.

According to Monticello Live, the investigation is ongoing.

Click here to read more about this story (including some graphic images) from Monticello Live.

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