JESSIEVILLE, Ark. – Flames sent hundreds of feet into the sky, scorching nearly two acres after a gas pipeline ruptured in Garland County.

Nearly 300-foot flames filled the sky in Jessieville Wednesday evening after a pipeline ruptured, forcing residents to evacuate from the 1400 block of Highway 298 near Harding Road.

“It was like this huge loud sound in the sky, and I was like, ‘Did they just drop a bomb or what,’” resident Adam Merriott said.

This happened Wednesday afternoon around 4:45 p.m. in Jessieville near Harding Road.

Officials said there are two explosions tied to the rupture. The fire is still burning Wednesday night, though it is contained.

Those who live near the area were evacuated, but the Garland County Sheriff’s Office said everyone was able to return home around 8 p.m.

“I was just sitting there doing some work and I heard this huge explosion, and I ran outside and all of a sudden it sounded like massive amounts of air rushing through the sky,” Merriott said.

After the first explosion, there was another loud bang sending a shockwave through Merriott’s home.

“I could see clearly through the trees that something was on fire it was just orange over there,” Merriott said.

He said after he drove closer to the pipeline, he saw that it was, “engulfed in flames.”

“I couldn’t believe it honestly; it was kind of weird but cool at the same time,” Marriott said. “I was just hoping nobody got hurt.”

Sergeant John Schroeder with the Garland County Sheriff’s Office said they have never seen something like this in Garland County.

“When these things light, they are light real big, so we are currently seeing 200 to 300-foot plumes,” Schroeder said.

Authorities said there are no injuries reported yet from the incident. There is still no word on the cause of the explosion.