NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Roads, health care, and economic development were all topics of conversation Monday as North Little Rock Mayor Terry Hartwick delivered his State of the City Address.

“It’s just a win-win for this neighborhood out here,” Rose City resident Shirley Abel said.

The City of North Little Rock reflects on the work done over the year 2022.

“We really appreciate the citizens passing the half cents sales tax, without it we would be in stations that are 60 years old,” North Little Rock Fire Chief Gerald Tucker said.

“Mayor Hartwick helped us by doing everything he could in his power to get Faulkner lake road where it needs to be,” Marie Hollowell, president of the Stone Links Neighborhood Association, said.

For people living in the Rose City area, better access to health care is crucial.

“This clinic, the location is going to be perfect because a lot of neighbors will be able to just walk here, grab a bus if they need, too,” Abel said.

Shirley Abel was born and raised in Rose City and she says this new clinic will hopefully help her and her family get the medical care they need, faster.

“My understanding it’s kind of going to be like a mini ER. So, if you come in you more than likely get things more addressed,” Abel stated.

Maurice Taylor said the city is improving one step at a time, like housing a Lowe’s and Dollar General distribution center, and many more.

“We got 4 new sanitation trucks and along with that we have 21,000 new trash containers,” North Little Rock Sanitation Director Condo Breedlove said.

“We conducted a job fair for our youth with was our first job fair,” Linda Robinson, co-founder of North Little Rock Youth CARES Coalition, said.

Although, having a medical clinic come into Rose City is a huge win.

“As we improve this community, it improves the city, again it’s an iconic building people will be able to drive by it and say wow you can just see the growth and the development of the city,” Taylor said.

“We continue to look for ways to improve our city by adding resources to our parks, resurfacing our streets, and providing opportunities for all neighbors in our city,” Hartwick said.