Restoration workers ready to step in for power-outages

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas is one of 20 states that have restoration workers ready to step in to assist customers when the power goes out.

Arkansas not preparing for Hurricane Laura but many entities are ready to deal with what could be Tropical Storm Laura.

The First Electric Co-Op of Arkansas is one of those entities as crews are on stand by to respond to likely power outages that will occur. Officials say that all 2,500 employees are ready to respond as needed whether it’s answering phone calls, directing workers, or actually making repairs to power lines.

Workers spent the day getting supplies gathered and ready to go anywhere in the state should the need arise.

That’s really about all that can happen right now for electric companies as they won’t know how to respond until they need to respond.

“As with any storm the unfortunate thing is we can’t do anything until mother nature unleashes that she’s got on us it’s our job to go out and assess the situation and then get things back to normal for people to quickly and safely as we can,” said Rob Roedel the Director of Corp Communications for First Electric Co-Op.

First Electric Co-Op says they will be adhering to CDC guidelines and if they have to interact with customers they will have masks and will physically distance themselves when possible.

Also, many of the crews have been working together since the onset of the pandemic, and officials here also caution people that when inevitably powerlines go down they say to always assume they are changed and to contact them as soon as possible.

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