Retired teacher pushed down, purse stolen in broad daylight

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A retired school teacher is shaken up after she said someone pushed her down and stole her purse in broad daylight.

“I was a target,” said Crystal Wood, purse stolen.

78-year-old Crystal Wood talking about the moment she realized something bad was about to happen in the Sams Club parking lot, at 1:30 in the afternoon.

“I knew, I knew he was following me and I also knew from the first start of the walk that he was going to get me,” said Wood.

Wood has taken self-defense classes back when she was a kindergarten teacher, she said she wanted to yell at the man but started second-guessing her instincts.

“In my mind, I kept thinking Crystal, everybody’s not bad, you can’t just say he’s bad. Let’s let him be good,” said Wood.

Unfortunately, her initial gut reaction was correct.

“I put the paper towels through the back seat and that’s when he came up and did this bear hug on me,” said Wood.

Wood said the man then picked her up, threw her on the ground then took off running.

Talking about it now, Wood said she wishes she would have been prepared and done things differently.

“Or at least I would have been ready to fight a little bit,” said Wood.

A few customers in the Sams Club parking lot were shocked about what happened to the retired school teacher.

“It is very sad that they are targetting elderly people,” said Chrissy Goff, Sams Club Member.

“It’s scary that it happened in daylight because at nighttime it’s more likely to happen but in daylight, I guess people just stop caring,” said Misael Delacruz, Sams Club Member.

Wood said one of the witnesses actually followed the man and was able to give police his license plate.

Police say Wood is the second woman this week to have their purse stolen from a Little Rock parking lot.

Wood is warning everyone to trust their instincts.

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