Road conditions still dangerous while crews continue to clear snow

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Some of the snow melted Thursday but once the sun went down, it all froze back over. This caused road conditions to be more dangerous than ever.

It was a welcome sight, the sun was shining and the snow was melting causing more people to venture out on the roadways. Olivia Holt brought her pup out to play.

“She loves the ice. She’s part lab and we’ve been couped up so this is kind of our shot at freedom,” Holt said.

She said a recent purchase came in handy for days like this.

“Well this is my new car and it’s all-wheel-drive and I just got it before all of this hit,” Holt said.

While out, she realized it was quite different than what it looked like just 24-hours ago.

“This is actually a lot like Wednesday. They’ve got the main stuff more clear,” Holt said.

City and ArDOT crews were able to plow most of the main roads, but that made it tougher on people like Lindsay Smith and Abdias Valdez.

“You got the road getting covered up every time we try and clear it so it’s been hectic for me getting to work,” Valdez said.

Valdez is a police officer so staying home is not an option.

“I got that silver Toyota over there. That isn’t gonna make it past that,” Valdez said.

As he works to clear his street, others are taking a different approach like Tanner Chester and Griffin Hudgins when they couldn’t get out of their driveway.

“So one of the little girl’s toys got donated to the fund,” Chester said.

The barbie Jeep worked well in the snow until it spun out at the bottom.

“Oh this is no wheel drive it’s just downhill,” Hudgens said.

While this is a lot easier to get unstuck than your typical car, getting back up the hill takes quite a bit of manpower.

Most roads have a layer of ice covering the pavement. It will be a couple of days before they are completely clear.

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