Running the red: Drivers fail to stop for Cabot school buses flashing red lights

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CABOT, Ark. — The Cabot School District is reminding drivers to be mindful when they see a bus dropping off students.

It’s a simple message coming from the school district and parents — if you see a bus with flashing red lights — stop.

An Oct. 27 video shows just the latest incident where a driver has illegally driven past a stopped school bus, coming close to hitting a student while trying to walk home from the bus stop.

“This is very, very hazardous,” Morris Rothfeldt, director of transportation at Cabot School District, said. “Students aren’t attentive, they drop things. We need motorists to pay attention.”

People who watched the clip reacted with shock.

“That’s uncalled for, motorists should stop when they see the stop sign, it means stop,” Lawanda Franks, a Cabot resident, said.

Rothfeldt says these incidents happen often. The Cabot School District says this is the 60th stop arm violation this school year.

“The numbers we are seeing now are not new, what’s new is the fact we’re able to capture the license plate,” Rothfeldt said.

The district is installing five to seven cameras on every bus starting this school year.

People across town tell me this shouldn’t be happening.

“There are kids out there and everybody needs to watch out for them in my opinion,” Casey Henderson, a parent of Cabot graduates, said.

“It’s not acceptable,” Franks said.

Meanwhile, the school district hopes people will stop sooner than later.

“The reason people run our reds is complacency or being in a hurry, but I would say being in a hurry is not an excuse,” Rothfeldt said.

The Cabot School District collects the video from each incident and sends a report to prosecuting attorney then a warrant is issued for the person who was driving.

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