HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Medical marijuana sales are rolling in after a busy weekend opening for two dispensaries in Hot Springs. 

The first medical marijuana sale was made Friday night, more than two and a half years since being approved by voters. 

After a soft opening Sunday for nearly 150 patients, Green Springs Medical officially kicked off its sales Monday with hundreds pouring in from every corner of the state to purchase the product.

“It’s a festive atmosphere,” said patient Kelli Helms. “It’s fun. We just made a little outing out of it.”

Kelli Helms drove about three hours from Fayetteville to Green Springs Medical in Hot Springs to treat her neuropathy… a side effect of being cancer free.

“They were able to get most of it by surgery but the chemotherapy that I had damaged all my nerves.”

After years of waiting, three hours was nothing. 

“Relief. Maybe not as much as later but relief.”

Helms paid about $220 for half an ounce… the max the dispensary would sell per patient…

With about $30 going to the state.

“It’s a little high.”

Others drove across town to Doctor’s Orders RX to fill the max set by the state- two and a half ounces every two weeks- which costs more than $1,000.

“The price is very high now. I think it’ll balance out as more of the cultivators come on board,” says Baron Crane.

Baron Crane also anticipates more forms of the product to become available soon…

But for now… 

“Probably smoke it.”

While others will make their own. 

“I’m a baker by trade so I have a lot of recipes I’m anxious to try out.”  

Right now… it’s a cash-only business. 

Attorneys general from 33 states – including Arkansas – recently signed a letter asking Congress to approve legislation that would allow legal marijuana business and financial institutions to work together.

According to Scott Hardin, the spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Doctor’s Orders made 868 transactions totaling 10.8 pounds from its first sale Friday evening to Monday afternoon.

From its first sale Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon, Green Springs Medical made 269 transactions totaling 2.9 pounds. Hardin clarified each transaction represents the purchase of one strain, which means if a patient purchases multiple strains that counts as multiple transactions.

The following is an average cost per strain: 

Doctor’s OrdersGreen Springs Medical

May 11: $89.91

May 11: Not open

May 12: $77.27

May 12: $70.36

May 13: $87.69

May 13: $72.85