LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The temperatures are heating up even more and people are looking for anyway to stay cool.

“It’s really hot… so we were like let’s do something that involves water cooling us down,” said Jayla Doss, a teen at the Memorial Park Splash Pad.

Doss said that her and her family come to the splash pad to still get outside and enjoy summer, but not risk their health.

“When you get hit by the mist you kind of cool down a little and everyone bought like some water, so they can stay hydrated because we don’t want anyone passing out,” stated Doss.

According to the Little Rock Fire Department, their thermal camera read that the concrete temperature was 152 degrees around 3:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

Doss said, “it feels like when you go to a massage and they have like the hot coals, that’s what it feels like”.

According to the Weather Channel, the risk of getting pavement burns on the bottom of your feet begins at 95 degrees and above.

They also state on their website that second degree burns can happen withing two seconds on very hot days.

Although, feet are not the only thing people are concerned about in the heat…some worry about their furry friends paws.

“That….. and whenever he starts playing pretty hard, he just won’t drink any water,” said dog owner, Logan Gilbreath.