LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A couple from Searcy is having a truly unforgettable cruise.

We have been following Don and Eileen Stair’s story since their infamous Princess cruise ship was unable to port and was quarantined for days after several people tested positive for the coronavirus.

“This will be a memorable trip,” said Don Stair.

Don and Eileen are just two, out of thousands of people who were quarantined on the cruise ship.

“It was a surprise anniversary cruise for the wife,” said Don.

Over video chat, Don said this marked the couple’s 23rd cruise and it will definitely be the most memorable of all after nearly two dozen people got the coronavirus.

“21 individuals tested positive on the boat, 19 of those were crew members,” said Don.

The virus turned their 15-day cruise into a 32-day excursion.

They started their quarantine on a boat, then took a bus to the airport and a plane took them back into quarantine in San Antonio.

“Everybody all in masks and suited up, when they knock on the door we have to have our masks on, so that’s kind of the process so far,” said Don.

Don and Eileen said no one at the Air Force base has tested positive for the virus so far.

However, the couple is still getting their temperature taken twice a day.

“We are okay, they don’t have to worry about us and we’re not going to spread anything,” said Eileen.

For now, the Stair’s are calling an Air Force bunker home.

Don said they are holding onto the highlight of their trip.

“Calling our room number to say you can now depart the ship, I think that was the highlight at the end especially,” said Don.

Don said they are scheduled to leave on March 23 and return to Searcy.

The Stair’s said their trip was fully refunded and Princess is giving them a free trip to use within one year.

Even after spending weeks in quarantine, the couple said the trip did not scare them at all, in fact, they have another cruise planned for the beginning of May.