LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Several Little Rock restaurants are turning the calendar to the year 3000 with the addition of new robotic server helpers. The machines deliver food to customers with a jingle.

Both El Porton locations have two robots and Santo Coyote in North Little Rock also has them.

“We just choose a [table] number,” Gabriel Perez, the manager of El Porton said. “They know what to do, and they know where to go.”

The robots, nicknamed Bella I and II, have internal mapping technology similar to that utilized by Roomba vacuums. They learn the restaurant’s path and travel to tables after servers select them.

“You can put in different music and stuff like that,” Perez said.

Perez also said that no employees’ shifts are impacted by the machines. 

“We still have the employees,” Perez said. “We just got them to give a better customer service.”

Perez said he sees the same surprised reaction from most customers

“Kids get excited, even adults,” Perez said. “I can see it on their faces, they’re excited, they’re surprised. They love it.”