Several Maumelle license plates stolen from vehicles

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MAUMELLE, Ark. – Maumelle police said thieves are targeting the community taking the license plates off cars. One woman had two plates stolen in a matter of a couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago, Natalie Walbert walked outside to see the plates on her Jeep were nowhere to be found.

According to Maumelle police, this happens on a regular basis. In a matter of a couple of weeks, Walbert said the thieves struck again.

“We walked out and noticed the tags off the boat trailer were gone. I mean I was really really upset,” Walbert said.

So why steal license plates? You might think it’s because thieves are driving a stolen car. Police say that is part of the problem, but it is also because they can’t register their vehicle whether they can’t afford the taxes or they don’t have insurance. Then they take the tags from people like Walbert.  

“You go to work every day you try and be an honest and good person and then there are other people out there that will do this,” Walbert said.

Walbert has already replaced the plate on her car.

“It cost me less than two dollars to get a replacement tag on the car, but I waited two hours in the revenue office to get it on my day off of work,” Walbert said.

She still has to go back for the boat trailer.

“Just a hassle so it’s just frustrating that somebody would do this to you,” Walbert said.

Now along with checking for gas and looking at the tire pressure, she keeps an eye on the tags to make sure they are still there.

“I walked out to my husband’s truck to see if the plates were on it or not. I’m a little paranoid about it happening again,” Walbert said.

Police said it’s important to check your plates regularly to not only make sure they are there, but that it’s the right one. They say thieves also switch plates. If your license plate is stolen be sure to report it to the police.

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