Sherwood culvert continues to overflow into family home

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SHERWOOD, Ark. – Homeowners in Sherwood are fed up after their home flooded for the fourth time in 11 years.

The family lives near a runoff lake and when we get heavy rainfall as we did on Friday night, they say the culvert cant handle the amount of rain.

“When it rains we get all the water from all the rooftops, all the streets, all the drains, all go into that lake all at once,” said Theresa Truscello, Homeowner, “the spillway goes for as long as it can and once it gets blocked up and cant it jumps from the side of the spillway and we become one with the lake. “

The Sherwood City Engineer told our reporter, that culvert is the city’s responsibility. Which is exactly what the family is saying for 11 years.

The homeowners want the city to fix the culvert to prevent a fifth flood in their home.

So far, the owners said they have spent more than 100,000 dollars on repairs and trying to prevent the flooding.

The homeowners have lost seven cars due to the flooding, had to redo all their floors, walls, and driveway. Which is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Every time it rains its the same story,” said Neil Truscello, Homeowner.

Neil and Theresa have lived in this home for 15 years, and in the last 11 they have dealt with four major floods.

Each time, the water comes from the runoff lake.

“Once it hits a certain spot, it cant hold itself anymore and it flows over,” said Theresa.

“Next thing you know we have two and a half feet of water up against my house, The garage door will break under, the front door will break open or if it holds the water leaks through everything and floods out the house,” said Neil.

The first flood happened in 2009. The Truscello’s were actually standing in their garage when he door gave way, leaving them standing in four feet of gushing water.

Theresa said she remembers trying to grab items as they floated paster her out the side door.

On that day her wedding dress was taken away by the flood.

However, Theresa said she almost lost something much more important.

“Neil was standing by the door, I turned away for a minute and when I turned around and he’s no longer next to the door and my immediate reaction was that he had gotten sucked under in the water,” said Theresa.

Luckily, Neil was not hurt in the flood, the was able to get on stable ground.

The next floods came just as fast a furious, in 2011, 2017 and 2020.

The Truscellos said they have done everything they can think of to divert water. They added a drainage system to their driveway, a metal gate at the front door and on the windows, they bought huge sandbags to divert water but it’s not stopping the problem.

“If they would modify that bridge, we could sleep safely,” said Neil.

Here’s what the city had to say:

“We are looking at all areas of Sherwood and there are areas that are harder hit so we are trying to work with those that are most devastated. Certainly, the Trescellos are devastated and that’s regrettable but at this time we don’t have that scheduled for any particular work,” said Richard Penn, Sherwood City Engineer.

Penn said it’s on his list to do a hydrology study of the bridge and culvert to see if it can handle the amount of water it’s getting.

Penn said he hopes to do the study in the next three years.

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