SHERWOOD, Ark – A Sherwood family is demanding justice after they say their son was hit by a drunk driver on Highway 67/167.

The family says they’ve been waiting nearly two years for closure on an accident that left their son with life-changing injuries.

“It’s like a nightmare,” said Phillip Scott, who was injured during the crash.

Scott’s life looks a lot different than it has for the last 20-plus years.

Each morning, he’d wake up and jump out of bed. Now, it takes him a bit longer.

“I woke up paralyzed and didn’t have any answers to what was going on or why,” said Scott.

Scott says September 12, 2020, was the day that changed his life forever.

“Last thing I remember is leaving to go to the store,” said Scott.

Scott says he was heading to the gas station, driving down Highway 67/167 South.

In the crash report, officers say Scott was hit from behind by a driver believed to be going over 100 mph.

Scott’s car was pushed off the highway, rolled down the embankment and landed in the ditch.

“He had a broken right arm, he had facial fractures, and both hips were dislocated out of place,” said Scott’s sister Tysicia Scott.

The family says now Phillip is living paralyzed from the ankle down and says someone needs to be held responsible.

“Seeing my son in that condition, it was horrific,” said Scott’s father Odell Johnson.

A lawsuit filed with the Pulaski County Circuit Court notes the driver who hit Scott was “under the influence of alcohol” and refused a test.

The Scott family says it’s been years taking steps toward justice and wonders why the wait and why the driver could still be on the roads.

“I feel like I can’t move on and accept this with my life until I’ve gotten answers and the guy has been prosecuted and held responsible for what he has done,” said Scott.

Arkansas State Police say the driver who allegedly hit Scott was issued a citation for battery in the 3rd degree, DWI, Reckless Driving, and refusal to submit.

A trial date has been set and the family says by then, they hope they can get answers and the closure they’ve been waiting years for.