Sherwood family’s yard fills with sewage after storms

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SHERWOOD, Ark. – When it rains, it pours, and no one knows that better than a Sherwood family on Country Club Road dealing with a smelly situation that spans years.

Karen Cumming and her family have had a sewer cover in their backyard since they moved in. But since 2009, it’s been acting up. 

“Whenever we’d get a heavy rain,” Cumming said, “the manhole cover would just start bubbling over.”

The Cummings said that they’ve been trying to fix the issue for over a decade, but while they wait for answers, the problem remains. “It’s disgusting,” Cumming said, “and it’s unsanitary.” 

She said the issue is more than just dirty water flooding the backyard, but actual human waste that flows onto their property. ” [It’s] toilet paper and fecal material making a little path through our backyard,” said Cumming.

The family says they have been in contact with the City of Sherwood about the issue for years but was told the problem lies in the sewer line itself, which doesn’t come from the city. 

“The problem is actually with a North Little Rock sewage treatment facility,” Cumming said, but adds that she feel’s Sherwood should take action since they are residents of the city. 

While Sherwood wastewater crews do try to come out after every overflow and sprinkle Lyme to disinfect, the cause of the backup is still there – one Cumming is tired of seeing. “It’s gross,” she said.

She says they just hope someone finally takes action before the next major storm front rolls in. 

A spokesperson for the City of Sherwood tells us the issue has been passed on to the mayor and public works department.

The North Little Rock treatment plant that oversees that sewer line has yet to make a comment. 

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