SHERWOOD, Ark. – Wednesday, December 2nd will make one month since Carla Marks last heard from her 23-year-old daughter.

The last time she saw her daughter Shykiese Marks was November 2nd after she left their home on Summer Shade Lane in Sherwood.

“I pray that she’s home soon,” Carla said, adding that for her daughter to go M.I.A is uncommon, which leads her to think the worse.

“She never leaves for an extended period of time without making contact.” Carla continued.

According to Carla, Shykiese came home, grabbed a backpack with a change of clothes and informed her mom that she was going to visit a friend. 

She says Shykiese’s friend stays in the area of Pike Avenue in North Little Rock.

Marks hasn’t spoken directly with her daughter’s friend but says the Sherwood police detective on the case has. 

We reached out to Sherwood PD, but since the investigation is still open, we weren’t able to receive that information.

Attempting to hear her daughter’s voice again by making yet another cell phone call, the only voice Carla Marks hears is the automated one from her daughter’s voicemail.

“Not knowing if she’s okay, that has taken a toll on not only me but the family as a whole,” she said.

Shykiese missed Thanksgiving with the family and Carla prays Shykiese doesn’t miss a second celebration this holiday season.

“Christmas is approaching as well as her birthday and I want to be able to celebrate that with her,” Carla said.

Her 24th birthday is on January 6.

As a mother, she doesn’t want to think negative thoughts, but she says she can’t help the feeling that Shykiese is in danger

Looking directly into the camera, Carla tells her daughter “we love you; we miss you and we are praying that someone comes forward with some information “

If you any info call the Sherwood Police Department at (501)-835-1425.

Shykiese is 6’1, 165 pounds with short black hair but her mom says she usually wears some type of wig.