SHERWOOD, Ark. – People on 16 different streets were told to evacuate on Monday afternoon as a precaution during a standoff that lasted into Tuesday morning. Though several families were without costumes or candy, people of the Indian Hills neighborhood rallied together to have Halloween, one way or another.

Due to a day-long standoff the police had with a Sherwood man on Monday afternoon, many families were asked to evacuate until the situation was resolved.

“Last night the street was silent, and it should have been full of laughter and shrieking, and music, and instead there was nothing,” Indian Hills resident Nichole Holland said.

Holland started part of the conversation to ensure Halloween happened on her block even if it was a day late.

“So the kids have some sense of normalcy,” Holland explained.

Holland and her family were given very little warning about the evacuation.

“We had just enough time to throw our cats in their carriers, to grab the dog, to get the baby up from nap, and we left,” Holland said.

Fewer tricks and more treats is her goal and the goal of her neighbors after a police presence canceled their Halloween plans.

Steve Fort and his family enjoyed the night following one where they sheltered in place.

“We tried to make it fun at the house for them, candy at the house, let them do some stuff,” Fort said. “but this, letting them walk around the neighborhood, way cooler.”

Holland remarked on the importance of letting their kids do this.

“This is what we wanted for our neighborhood and for our kids because they are kids. They are going to be this little once, let them have some fun,” Holland concluded.