Sherwood police officer in hospital after car crash

Local News

SHERWOOD, Ark.- A Sherwood officer was taken to the hospital Tuesday after getting into a car wreck.

Police said Officer Anderson was responding to a car crash on Highway 107, when he was hit by another vehicle.

“One of our officers, officer Anderson had his lights and sirens on and he was approaching an intersection at Jacksonville cutoff and highway 107 when he was struck by another vehicle,” said Richard McNeil, Sherwood Officer,  “There are so many cars out there on the road and she didn’t see him and he didn’t see her.”

Richard McNeil is a Sherwood Police Officer. He said the other driver had a green light, was driving straight and just didn’t see the police cruiser.

Officer Anderson was hit on the driver side door.

“Anderson is fine, he sustained a sprain to his right arm, and he did have some burns from the airbag and the other driver didn’t report any injuries,” said McNeil.

McNeil said Anderson is on light duty pending approval by the Police Chief. According to McNeil, the crash is still under investigation, but no one has been cited at this time.

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