Sherwood rated one of Arkansas’ safest cities

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SHERWOOD, Ark. – A recent report from ranks the City of Sherwood as one of the safest cities in Arkansas, taking the top spot in a list of 8.

The study takes things like crime rate, financial security, and population size into account, with Sherwood placed at the top. 

For neighbors like Maranda Howard, the news comes as a welcome surprise. It’s been a month since Howard and her family moved to Sherwood from neighboring Little Rock.

She was drawn to the city’s “close to the action, far from the noise” mentality, a homecoming for her 10 years after leaving the place she grew up.

“We like the community, we liked that our house is right here near the park and the police station,” Howard explained while out at a local park.

This idea of “far from the noise” also stretches to public safety.

For the Sherwood Police Department, the city’s low crime rate is a testament to their community-based approach to law enforcement.

Officer Richard McNeil explains that open communication between officers and residents is key to a safe city. 

“We’re always getting positive feedback from the community,” said McNeil. “They love us and we love them.”

That positive feedback seems to work. In a report on state crime statistics from the Arkansas Department of Public Safety, in 2019, Little Rock Police reported 36 murders, North Little Rock had 12, but Sherwood reported only a single homicide.

Police credit the safety of the community on a small city size which makes it easy to patrol, with a population of only 30,000.

Another factor is the police presence in the community, with McNeil adding, “We’re just always out there patrolling.” 

Other “safest” cities include Benton at number two, Hot Springs at spot six, and Little Rock rounding out the list at number 8. 

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