Shooting investigation underway in Delight

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DELIGHT, Ark. — A shooting investigation is underway in the small Pike County town of Delight.

One person was arrested for the shooting, charges are pending for two others who are related to the victim after they got into the back seat of the patrol car where the alleged shooter was being held.

We know the Pike County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating this shooting. This all started outside of Delight and continued into the city limits.

We spoke with one woman who saw the entire thing happen and was on the phone with authorities when the shots were fired.

The city of Delight is known as the birthplace of Country Music Legend Glen Campbell, not so much crime happening in the streets.

“I was standing in my yard and I could hear fussing so I called the law,” said Twana Lamb.

Lamb says Tuesday night she heard a commotion at the EZ mart. She walked outside to see people in two cars arguing with each other.

“It was scary, I was on the phone with police and told them shots had been fired. You need to get somebody here,” said Lamb.

A picture circulating on Social Media showed the crime scene. The sheriff’s department says one man was shot in the leg. Another man had been taken into custody and two other people, related to the victim were also taken into custody.

“It’s scary and I want our community to be back like it was. Love on another, we grew up around here,” said Lamb.

Lamb says it’s unsettling that crime like this would come into her community that holds true to its name.

“You never think it’s gonna happen in your town and it does,” said Lamb.

As authorities continue the investigation and the motive, Lamb hopes to restore peace here.

“I want all of us to get together and be like children and love one another,” said Lamb.

This is still under investigation. We do know there is surveillance video of the entire shooting.

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