Shots fired near Pulaski County Courthouse shocks downtown neighbors, visitors

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Police are investigating after reports of shots fired just feet away from the Pulaski County Courthouse.

According to Little Rock Police, shots were fired near the Spring Street side of the courthouse just after 10:00 Thursday morning.

No one was injured in the shooting and police say there are no suspects at this time.

It is not clear how many shots were fired or what led to the shooting, but police hope eyewitness accounts and surveillance footage will help in the investigation. 

For those who work and live downtown, the daytime shooting just steps away from a justice center caused concern for many.  

“For the area, it’s kind of shocking to me,” said Brandon Cross, who works in the area. “Here has always been a place that I’ve gone to that’s a little bit safer. You don’t have to be as cautious as things like that.”

He added that many of his friends have chosen to move away because of similar situations across the city.

Michael Patterson was walking through the River Market only a few hours after. He admitted that the shooting was “bold” to be done in such a busy area and during the daytime and added, “people can’t even go out without someone saying, ‘boom boom boom, shoot em up,’ you know.”

The impact wasn’t only felt by residents. Laura Whitaker is visiting the city and said she wasn’t surprised to hear of shots fired.

“Someone gets mad now, they just shoot,” she said.

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