LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock Police officers responding to another homicide in the capital city. This marks 5 murders since the start of 2019. 

Police say no one called 911 about shots being fired, but the gunshot was picked up by the new ShotSpotter technology. 

It pinpointed the area where police found the body of 43-year-old Wiley Carr. 

Billy Hale remembers his longtime friend Carr. 

“We met in the prison system. We became close friends,” Billy said. 

Like Billy, Carr served his time behind bars. When Carr was released he worked to curb violence in the city by being a part of a number of programs. 

“That’s what I admired about him, he not only spoke it. He not only talked the talk, he walked the walk,” Billy said. 

That’s why he was shocked to find out Carr was a victim of gun violence. 

Little Rock Police say the new ShotSpotter called officers to the scene on West 29th Street. 

The fairly new system is designed to pinpoint where gunshots are coming from. 

“That’s how officers were able to get there within minutes to try and locate the body,” said LRPD Officer Eric Barnes. 

Police say having ShotSpotter technology in neighborhoods helps them get to scenes faster and potentially save lives 

“Unfortunately for this victim, he was deceased. If it would have been someone that was still alive and needed our medical care, we could have had someone and hopefully had a better resolution,” Barnes said. 

Even though this equipment works, police say they still are investigating this specific case. 

Finding justice for Billy’s friend who worked to stop violence in Little Rock.