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Sister of Hot Springs Homicide Victim Speaks Out

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. -- The sister of an 18-year-old who was shot in a Hot Springs parking lot, and later died from his injuries, is speaking out about her brother's murder.

"It was just sad cause he had to go like that," says Kay Sanders. She remembers when she got the devastating news. "One of his friends reached out to me, and said, "Marlon's been shot four times, twice in the head, the back and the arm," says Kay.

She immediately jumped in her car - - driving down to Hot Springs from her home in Jonesboro - to visit 18-year-old Marlon Sanders in the hospital. "Marlon was already gone way before we even got there," says Kay.

She describes him as someone who cared about his family and friends. "He was just a sweet kid," says Kay. Marlon was shot Wednesday in a MacDonald's parking lot in Hot Springs - before he was taken to the hospital. "It just hurts not being able to call, not seeing him on Facebook," says Kay.

Kay says he was recently released from jail - and was working to change his life around. "He looked to the streets because that's all that he thought he had," she says. "He looked to me for guidance."

While she's remembering memories they've shared - she's hoping for closure for her family. "Just imagine if you lost your kid, or your brother, just think on that," she says.

If you have any information -- you're urged to call Hot Springs police at 501-321-6789. You can report anonymously.

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