WOOSTER, Ark. – In a nearly record-breaking Powerball drawing Wednesday night, a lucky ticket buyer got a big win in Arkansas.

$1.2 billion was originally up for grabs in the Powerball Jackpot, but the cash prize will now sit at $1.5 billion in Saturday’s drawing.

In Wooster, Arkansas, one convenience store sold a lucky ticket worth $2 million.

So far, none of the store’s ticket buyers have claimed the money.

“I hope it is somebody from Wooster,” Marcie Asher, an employee at Patton’s One-Stop & Deli, where the ticket was sold, said. “It’s a small town… nobody wins in this area.”

Asher said that it’s not necessarily surprising that the money has not been claimed yet.

“People around here don’t win, so they’re not in a hurry to check their ticket,” she said.

Still, Asher said the store sold lottery tickets like crazy ahead of Wednesday night’s massive drawing.

“Whenever it gets that high, people just come out of the woodworks and buy like crazy,” Asher said.

That was not the case for another Wooster native, Whitney Love, though.

“I bought one last week… didn’t win… told myself I wasn’t going to buy one this week… here we are,” she said.

Love said while she wishes she had won the money, she is happy for whoever won and hopes whoever bought the ticket lives in their small Wooster community.

Nearly everyone coming in and out of Patton’s Thursday had the same message for whoever this $2 million dollar winner is.

“They deserve it,” Stacie Russell, another employee, said.

Patton’s – where the ticket was sold – is also in luck. According to a press release from Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, the retailer will get $20,000 in commission just for selling the ticket.

This is not the only victory in Arkansas this week, either. Arkansas Scholarship Lottery also announced a $100,000 winning ticket in Wilmot.