Some Pine Bluff businesses and homes still without water

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PINE BLUFF, Ark. — Some homeowners and businesses in Pine Bluff are still without water days after the recent snowstorm.

A woman said at this point she is just trying to survive under these circumstances. In the midst of all this, we’re seeing people in the community stepping in to help.

“During times of a crisis,”, President of South East Arkansas College, Steven Bloomberg said. “It’s all about how a community comes together. And I’m so proud that Pine Bluff has come together.”

South East Arkansas College team see up with local businesses to lend a hand to those with little to no access to water, Thursday.

The school gave away food and water to more than 80 people and over 32 households, including one of their own employees. 

“We just waiting for the water to come back on,” Pine Bluff resident, Dalia Mackay said.

Mackay has had some help from her job but she said it’s tough having no water with a family of 5.

“You can’t do the normal things that you normally do,” Mackay said. “Then you realize how important it is to have running water. Just normal things like cooking dinner… cooking breakfast without being able to go to the sink and turn it on.”

Its been  almost a week without water. She said at this point she’s surviving by any means necessary.

“Each of them have a gallon, and we have to monitor ‘okay how much water do you have? do we need to fill it up?’ So it’s cost wise—- it’s costing a lot,” Mackay said. 

Through it all she remains positive.

“Ima tell you, besides faith… faith in Jehovah definitely but it’s just the fact that it’s my family. I have to have a smile, positivity because I need that to translate to my children,” Mackay said. 

The college said they are hoping to have another distribution next week and more often because there is such a big need. 

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