Some Saline County homes dealing with flooding after heavy rains

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BRYANT, Ark. – The southeast area of Saline County saw heavy rain on Tuesday night.

Matthew Carrol has lived with his wife in her family home for several years and says they have experienced some flooding issues because of the lake behind their property.

“We’ve had issues with water a fairly often but nothing like we saw last night,” Carrol said.

He says it wasn’t the lake that caused issues Tuesday night, but the amount of rain they got in such a short period.

When he called his father to tell him what was happening, his father was surprised because he had not seen near the amount of rain Carrol was, “He got a little rain but nothing, nothing like this.”

He said he had fallen asleep and woke up around 9:30 Tuesday evening and noticed his downstairs carpet was wet. Then he noticed water was pouring into his house from a back bedroom and it wasn’t long before the water was ankle-deep throughout most of his downstairs area.

Carrol tried to fend off the rising water but knew it was a losing battle.

“When you realize you’re fighting a losing battle that no matter what you do the water is unforgiving. They call it the most destructive natural force for a reason, once it gets in that, ’s it, what else can you do water is going to be there one way or the other,” Carol said.

He said he and his wife began moving some of their valuables to the upstairs portion of their home. He said they got most of their irreplaceable items but some of their old yearbooks got water in them and were ruined.

On Wednesday he had a cleaning company set up fans and dehumidifiers throughout his downstairs to dry things as much as possible.

He hopes to when that is done he can remove carpeting and further assess any damage, “Then we’re going to get into the nitty-gritty and start seeing how many thousands of dollars this is going to cost us.”

Saline County OEM reported five homes with water damage on Tuesday night and having to rescue 20 people.

A majority of those helped were trapped in cars that had gotten stuck in high waters.

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