State Board of Education to continue discussion on future of Little Rock School District Friday

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Another LRSD meeting ended with chanting, this time the crowd said No Taxation without Representation.

Nothing was voted on during this 7 and a half hour meeting and it will continue tomorrow.

A lot of the people we spoke with today said that they were frustrated that no action had been taken. One man spoke at the podium during public comment said to the board members that this could all be over if just one of them made a motion, but that didn’t happen.

“The meeting was disrupted, which was great. I’m all for that, but i’m hopeful that will happen tomorrow. That until they listen to us they won’t make any more decisions, nothing about us without us,” says parent Wendy Sheridan.

Sheridan is one of the many at the Thursday State Board of Education meeting.

Chanting broke out moments before the board was set to vote on agenda items.

One item would have added two more positions to the community advisory board. The other, addressed the make-up of a personal policy committee that would represent LRSD staff.

“No matter what happened today at this meeting, this fight wasn’t over. This was just one battle in this war and we are all prepared for future battles.”

Those votes, never happened. Instead after a brief recess, the board decided to postpone until Friday. Fifth Grade teacher Kristy Mosby isn’t satisfied.

“They don’t seem to be active listeners, it’s usually like a blank stare and so that’s the feel and when I see that I think, I don’t think they are really paying attention.”

Many community members called out board members while speaking, bringing up this very issue, but board members think their actions show something else.

Diane Zook, from the State Board of Education said “They keep saying we do this, then we do this then do that and to me that says that the board members are listening.”

Zook says that’s not the only misunderstanding, the use of the term segregation on protest signs is quote “the most frustrating” for her.

“The narrative that was put out was that the framework made for segregation and that was not ever true.”

And with the picket signs put away for now, the future of LRSD still hangs in the balance for a little while longer.

The continued state board meeting will start tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.

State Board of Education Meeting

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Members of the State Board of Education say they’ll continue their discussion on the Little Rock School District Friday morning.

The items still up for discussion are adding two more positions to the Community Advisory Board and deciding on how the makeup of the Personnel Policy Committee (PPC) will look like.

The PPC was not on the original agenda and would be the representation for the school district staff.

On Thursday, the board heard public comment, but before they could make decisions, the crowd started chanting, “No taxation without representation!” causing board members to go into a brief recess.

Moments later, the board decided to postpone the vote until Friday.

In the video below, Diane Zook, the chair of the State Board of Education, talks about Thursday’s meeting, what to expect on Friday and about the Little Rock strike.

The meeting starts at 9 a.m.

For Friday’s agenda, click here.

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