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State-of-the-Art Library Coming to Downtown Pine Bluff

PINE BLUFF, Ark. -- Pine Bluff will soon be getting a new state of the art library, right in the center of it's Downtown district. The city unveiled project plans tonight in front of community members and city leaders.

Images projected in a crowded room, full with city leaders and community members in Pine Bluff looking forward to the unveiling of a new - library on Main Street.  "It's inspiring because a lot of people say that Pine Bluff is dying off," says Vinnie Anderson, a Pine Bluff 10th grader.

Anderson looks forward to getting lost in a good book. "I just like the challenge, open my mind to different sorts of views," he says.

The new library will be located on 6th Avenue and Main Street and will feature an area for computer training, two recording studios, a coffee shop and an open outdoor area for lounging. "We need something in Pine Bluff so the people can have access to latest technology," says Bobbie Morgan, library director.

With construction on an $11 million dollar aquatics center set to begin soon."The fact that they are trying to revitalize Pine Bluff, Downtown is going to make it wonderful," says Anderson's mother and Pine Bluff teacher.

People here - like Anderson say they're looking forward to progress in their city. "They're trying to make something and bring it back and I can get behind that," says Anderson.

Construction will begin in Fall 2018 and the new facility is expected to open around Valentine's Day in 2020.

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