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Storms Damage Boats on Greers Ferry Lake

CLEBURNE COUNTY, Ark. -- A Conway woman forced to ride out Friday's storms on a boat after getting trapped by debris.

"We've been in that area for 12 years," says Judy Stockrahm. Stockrahm lives in Faulkner County - but has a boat on Greers Ferry Lake. "We just moved it to lacey's Narrow Marina back in about November of last year," she says.

That's where she was when storms hit Friday. "We were the last house boat down on one end, and our neighbors had a houseboat brand new," she says.

Within the blink of an eye - " It happened so fast, within just a few seconds," she says. "I felt us pull with the greatest force, backwards."

High winds damaged the marina - forcing debris on her boat. "We could not get out literally the roof of the other dock, had come over and laid on top of us," she says.

The National Weather Service survey teams say damage here  was from straight line winds - between 85 and 90 miles per hour. Stockrahm says the winds - causing thousands of dollars of damage to her boat. "The top on the flat bridge is mashed down it's just flat," she says.

Now, she's grateful more damage wasn't done - and everyone made it out unharmed. "I had no idea just how bad it was until daylight," she says.

Judy says the marina is closed off - but she is hoping to return soon to check on the damage done to her boat.

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