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Students Rescued After PCSSD Bus Gets Stuck

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark.- Wednesday’s rainwater rose above shoes then it quickly swallowed tires.

"This is not the first time this has happened,” Terry James says while standing near a closed-off road.

James is a longtime landowner in the Marche community of Pulaski County. He says it’s an area that is no stranger to flooding. 

However, the scene on Wednesday definitely raised some eyebrows.

“This morning, I think it caught everybody off guard,” James says.

Images of a Pulaski County school bus sitting crooked and empty stirred up concern from many on social media.

“We were able to safely get the kids out,” Deb Roush, PCSSD spokesperson says, referring to the bus.

“In fact, they thought it was more fun than we did, probably."

Officials say 17 students and the bus driver had to be rescued after it appeared to have gotten stuck in a turn on Marche Road.

The bus was on its way to schools in Maumelle.

“It's not a well-traveled road,” James says.

“So, if you don't know the road and you make those hard turns, you might get off in the ditch."

Later in the morning, our cameras caught crews trying to rescue the bus and it’s $30,000 engine.

As puddles grew, road barricades appeared and served as a reminder that Mother Nature had left her mark.

"Well, it's been a safe day, thank goodness,” Roush says.

“But also a very hectic day, especially for our transportation department."

PCSSD says the water shown in some of the images was not up to those levels when the bus initially got stuck.

Students who live in the Marche area were released early on Wednesday from schools in Maumelle and at the Sylvan Hills freshman campus, officials say.


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