STUTTGART, Ark. — Social media posts from the Stuttgart police chief are all around the internet and getting a lot of attention.

Police chief Mark Duke made political posts on his Facebook page following the election and now a local activist is speaking out about it.

“When you’re in a position like that, everybody around the community looks up to you. They’re expecting for you not to post them type of posts,” Stuttgart Native, Cornelius Bledsaw said.

Bledsaw said he’s still in shock after seeing Duke’s post.

One of the post read — “I’m going to be just like all you Trump haters. Biden ain’t my president. They are all criminals who cheated and stole this election.”

In another post he said, “Guess I’m a part of a cult,” in reference to a statement about QAnon.

“Whether if it’s on social media or you’re on your public snap of whatever, you didn’t expect that to come from out chief of police,” Bledsaw said.

Now folks are calling for his resignation.

“We’re here today, to demand that Stuttgart Mayor David Earny terminate police chief Mark Duke,” Robert Chambers said.

All the post were later deleted. Friday, Robert Chambers, the CEO of The Stuttgart Civil / Humans Rights Party sent a clear message to Duke.

“There’s no place for white supremacists and an anti-semitic as chief of the Stuttgart police department,” Chambers said.

He also called on the city mayor and council members about the situation.

“I want to say to Stuttgart city council members that you cannot ‘no comment’ your way out of this,” Chambers said. “We need our council members to step up.”

We reached out to the police chief, the police department and the city mayor but was told they were out of the office Friday and would pass along our contact information.

It’s unclear if any disciplinary actions were taken against the chief but Chambers said his actions broke the trust that people in the city may have had for him.

“Resign, don’t let the mayor have to come in and fire you or as for your resignation,” Chambers said.

He said if city leaders don’t take action, the community will.

“It’s on the table to take our protest to the mayor’s house and not only to the mayor’s house but to the chief’s also, because Mark Duke has got to go,” Chambers said.