Suspect targets teens on Snapchat, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office investigates

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ark. – A local sheriff’s office is warning parents about a scary exchange on social media. A teenage girl in Montgomery County reported being threatened if she didn’t send inappropriate photos through Snapchat. 

Deputy Monica Buttrum-Smith is the lead investigator in a recent crime that’s shocked the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. 

“We take this matter very, very seriously,” Buttrum-Smith said. 

Last week the department was alerted to a crime being committed on Snapchat. A female student was contacted by another peer’s account. In a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office, it says that account told the victim if she didn’t send nude pictures she would be blackmailed. 

“She didn’t send any pictures and let mom know. Mom shut it down really quick,” said Buttrum-Smith. 

That’s when things took a turn. According to law enforcement, they contacted the local Snapchat account holder. They believe their account had been hacked. 

“The password had been changed. The mother tried to reset it right in front of me. They weren’t able to get into it whatsoever. They had been getting fraudulent changes on their Apple ID account,” Buttrum-Smith said.

She says that person was cleared. She believes someone else is behind the crime. 

“We believe it is a predatory. More than likely, it’s an adult that’s using the suspect’s Snapchat account to contact victim’s asking them for pornographic material.”  

They say there may be a second victim, if not more. That’s why the sheriff is speaking out. 

“If they get something like this, they need to let their parents know that this is happening,” Montgomery County Sheriff David White said. 

They are reminding everyone to talk to your kids. 

“If they have already made contact with one victim, they are going to make contact with another,” Buttrum-Smith said. 

None of the victims went to the same school. 

The sheriff’s office is reminding parents all across the state to warn your kids this is happening. 

If you think you’re a victim, contact your local law enforcement office. 

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