Suspicious car sighting in NLR sparks concern over similar situation in Faulkner County

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FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. – Parents in Faulkner county expressed concerns over a car they say has circled their neighborhood and approached children, asking for directions.

Some mothers in the area near Perryville Drive, which is just outside Conway city limits, shared security footage with us, purporting to show the car they are calling suspicious.

“The car had circled around a total of four times,” April Demison says.

Demison is one of three mothers whose children play together outside.

Deminson says back on April 9, this car circled the area and stopped outside one of her friend’s driveway where the kids were outside playing. She says the car sat there a while then asked the kids for directions, but one of the children went inside to get a parent.

“By the time her mom and dad came out here, he sped off,” Demison says.

While this happened back in April, concerns re-surfaced Monday after reports of a suspicious car approaching children in North Little Rock came to light last week, which prompted a warning from police.

Authorities from the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office and the Conway Police Department say they do not have a record or a report on file about the car sighting from Perryville Drive, but Demison says the mothers did speak with an officer about it.

Christina Gregory captured the car on a security camera outside her house.

She gets emotional thinking about what happened.

“Because I could have lost my daughter, I could have lost all these kids.”

Demison says she has seen the suspicious car at least one other time in the neighborhood.

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