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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Taking back their neighborhood North Little Rock mom on a mission tonight to make her street safe, after she says a stranger tried to get her child into his car. 

“This kind of danger came so close to my child.”

On a street where neighbors are close

“As a mother, it just scares me so badly.”

This mom says it’s a stranger who drove through North Little Rock’s Indian Hills community and stole her daughter’s sense of security. 

“It just makes my heart like just it’s a lot I’m trying not to get emotional.”

We’re not naming this mom to protect her identity.  Her 10-year-old was biking along Saratoga Drive last week when she claims a man pulled up and pursued her. 

“Said in a very low voice ‘do you want a ride.’ she said no.”
“She pointed at the house and said I live here and I think that’s what scared him away.”

Police believe he also approached a child in the Lakewood area. There’s no sign of the driver, his car described as a dark gray Toyota Prius with a logo on the driver’s door and a messy interior. 

“If we can at least look at, identify, this gentleman and try to find out the other side of this incident.” – Sgt. Amy Cooper//North Little Rock Police Dept

Police say it’s not illegal just concerning.

A close enough call pushing this mom to start a neighborhood watch.

 “She said she never wants to ride her bike again by herself. Which broke my heart.”

Facing a long road until her child feels safe playing outside. 

“We’re going to ride our bike again, we’re not going to be scared.”

Police applaud that 10-year-old for staying calm and getting a good description of the car. 
Her parents say they had just talked to her about what to do if a stranger approaches 
That’s something officers hope other parents will take the time to do. 

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