Suspicious Package in NLR Sparks Concern

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– A suspicious package shut down a stretch of North Little Rock’s Main Street Monday afternoon. 

Dexter Doyne, who owns Doyne’s Construction, told us in his 35 years of business he’s never received anything like this package in the mail. 

Laughing after the bomb squad left Doyne said, “You know it’s not my size or my style.”

He showed us the package that was filled with what appeared to be handmade shorts and skirts. 

“It came regular US Postal (service and) wasn’t addressed to anyone or my staff so that was suspicious,” he said. 

It also came with a return label of a person in Georgia he said no one in his business knows. The box was wrapped in a unique polka dotted paper. 

“The first thing they (police) saw was some camo material and that’s when they took it serious,” he said. 

He’s thankful it was just mysterious clothes that closed part of Main Street and brought out Little Rock’s bomb squad around 3 Monday afternoon. 

“With everything that’s going on in the world and in Austin, Texas, with people dying because of suspicious packages and bombs exploding,” he explained he wasn’t taking a risk. 

Paul Spencer spent part of his afternoon campaigning in the area. 

Spancer said, “I hope it’s not a bomb.”

The second district congressional candidate watched just doors down from Doyne. 

Doyne said, “These days and times you see things like this you just become concerned.”

We’ve reported there have been 4 explosions in 3 weeks sparking fear in Austin, Texas. It’s also keeping people around the country on edge too. 

Spencer said, “I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve been told to not leave a building because I’ve been told there’s a suspicious package.”

Doyne explains how the box ended up across the street in the parking lot near the NLRPD’s substation at W. 8th Street and Main Street. 

“When the officers came in here to look at it they started you know turning it over and examining it. I said, ‘you know, why don’t you take it somewhere else if you’re going to do that?'”

He said they did. 

Doyne said, “You have to be suspicious of everything, everything, and everybody and that’s terrible.”

This business owner won’t take a risk these days. 

The mystery box from Georgia is still just that- a mystery. 

The road was back open around 3:45 p.m. Monday. 

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